Born, raised and still happily residing in London. I was interested in the etymology of “smith” and why it is used as a suffix at the end of a word to denote a different craft, as well as it being one of the most common surnames. It therefore seemed fitting to pair with Exhibition, as the intention of this blog is to make the arts accessible to all by crafting short, jargon-free reviews of exhibitions, cultural festivals, and digital offerings from museums and galleries. My interest lies in the past, present and future of artworks and artefacts, as well as the institutions that house them and act as their temporary custodians – and how they adapt to each era. My background includes studying Classical Civilisation at Warwick University, before undertaking a MA in Public Archaeology and Museum Management at University College London. I lived on a Greek island cataloguing objects at an archaeological store and undertaking fieldwork on an active excavation, and have taken part in an EU knowledge exchange programme at a medieval fortress and necropolis in Bulgaria. I have worked at an independent historic house, public galleries, a National museum and a commercial gallery in London, and currently continue to work in the sector.


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